Toilet Cleaner

Toilet Bowl Cleaner 

  • Gujarat Petrochem is the Manufacturer & Exporters of Toilet Liquid Cleaner from Ahmedabad, India.
  • GPC  Liquid Toilet Cleaners is the Ideal to clean your Toilet Bowl.
  • Packing Available in: 200ml, 500ml, 1 Ltr & 5 Ltr & 50 Ltr
  • Boss is a Specialized Best Quality Product for Fast & Easy Cleaning of Toilets, It Remarkable formulation removes Germs, Touch Stains & Fight with Odors.
  • Apply it From The specially Designed Squeeze bottle under the Rim, Around the Bowl, Leave for 15 Minutes then Brush Lightly.
  • Applied to: Cleaning & Toiletry Product Wholesalers, Medical Stores, Retail Shops, Shopping Malls, Hospitals, Hotels, Offices, Schools, Colleges, Showrooms, Retail Consumers, Wholesalers.


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